How to Make a Video Go Viral on Social Media: Six Lessons Learned From Kony 2012

Published on the Path Interactive blog on March 9, 2012. Path Interactive is a Digital Marketing Agency in Manhattan, New York. See the original story online.

Wondering how to make a video go viral on social media?  We’ve put together six lessons, taken from an examination of the explosion of Kony 2012 related material that has been circulating the social sphere to hundreds of millions of people since it landed on YouTube March 5th.

How to make a video go viral - Kony 2012

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Sh*t New York Social Media Experts Say

Profile story published on the Path Interactive blog, Digital Marketing Agency in Manhattan, New York on February 17, 2012
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What’s the secret to get your YouTube video to go viral? You absolutely need a cat.

And that’s just one lesson we learned while filming our new video “Sh*t NY Social Media Experts Say.”

Sh*t NY Social Media Experts Say

While our digital marketing agency is constantly hard at work building, optimizing and marketing websites we also like to have a little fun. So of course we had to jump on the “Sh*t That People Say” meme and make a version of our own. Continue reading

Case Study: Small Business Achieves ROI With Social Media

Published on the Path Interactive blog on March 9, 2012. Path Interactive is a Digital Marketing Agency in Manhattan, New York. See the original story online.

NYC Wedding Photographers Grows Facebook Fans By 3000%

Premier New York Wedding Photographers, Gruber Photographers successfully used social media for small business, having achieved an impressive 3000% increase of extremely relevant followers, gathered largely within a matter of just 7 weeks.

The Gruber Photographers campaign was a “like us to win” contest leveraging a give away of free luxury wedding photography services.  The contest, in combination with a produced video of the results that Gruber produced, generated significantly more brand awareness and visits to the company’s website.  The online mentions of the brand went up significantly within social media sites and organic traffic to the website from Facebook grew to all time high levels with new business opportunities. Continue reading

Top Ten Places for a Date in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Visiting Milwaukee’s Summerfest. Photos by Christa Romano

Article published on on July 29, 2010
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Standing on the Milwaukee banks of Lake Michigan, watching the ripples being carried over to the horizon by the warm summer breeze, I couldn’t help but think about how wonderful it would be to share this sight with someone special.

While I am in full support of solo travel, of being independent and seeing the world for yourself, I found that nearly every establishment I hit while in Milwaukee could make for a really interesting and fun date spot. Continue reading

Hotels Are Going Green: From the Ritz to the Sands, It’s Catching On

The Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas is the greenest and most sustainable hotel on The Strip.Feature story published on on May 9, 2010
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Green sustainability is changing the way we live. It’s changing the way we use energy, the way we manufacture and the way we dispose of trash. Now it’s even changing the way we sleep… the way we sleep when we are away from home, that is.

Hotels around the United States are catching on to the new green hospitality trend, becoming sustainable places for their guests to enjoy without even knowing that they are practicing ecotourism.

“Many guests don’t realize that they are staying in one of the greenest hotels in the world when they stay at a Sands Hotel,” said Nicholas Rumanes, the Sands Corporation’s President of Development. “And that is one of our goals, to be as sustainable as possible without sacrificing the luxury of the hotel.”

With expanding knowledge of the global warming crisis and so many sustainable-savvy travelers starting to hold a higher standard for where they spend the night, the race to become the greenest of green hotels is on. Continue reading

Julia Dimon of Word Travels: Inspiring Viewers to See the World

Julia Dimon: Television Host of Word Travels

Profile story published on on April 7, 2010 See the original online article

With her long blonde hair and sleek high-heeled boots, Julia Dimon looked like the perfect client for an all-inclusive tropical cruise as she walked around the Boston Globe Travel Show.

While easy-going Dimon probably wouldn’t be offended by such an appearance-based assumption, she would be quick to let you know that she is a traveler who is not afraid to break a nail. Or eat a slug, but more on that later.

Dimon did not attend the trade show to scope out the newest resorts or luxury tours, two forms of travel she would rather do without. Dimon was there to speak about her personal travel experiences and to offer advice to audience members as a successful professional travel writer and television personality.

Dimon recognizes that she is living a dream to many people and considers herself lucky to be getting paid for doing what she loves most. But luck aside, many different threads of her past life had to be brought together in order to create the completed web of being a travel writer.

It was a combination of her upbringing, her determination, her way with words and her spirit of adventure that has allowed her to reach the level of recognized expertise she has today. Continue reading

The New Travel Promotion Act – will it work?

Travel News story published on on March 30, 2010 See the original online article

It has been signed, but will it get the job done?

Obama signed the Travel Promotion Act and it’s caused quite a bit of controversy among travel gurus.

As a global industry, tourism has increased significantly over the past ten years.  But according to the U.S. Travel Association the once-stable tourism industry in the U.S. has plummeted by 17 percent and has lost over 58 million potential visitors since 2000.

That enormous number means an enormous sum of money was lost and just to be precise, that number is $182 billion lost in visitor spending and $27 billion in lost tax receipts. That’s not to mention the 200,000 travel-related jobs that were lost as a result.

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ED/Op – Our position and Haiti

Ed/Op article published in the University of Massachusetts, Amherst Daily Collegian on Feb. 4, 2010 See the original article

As I sat in the heated office of the auto shop waiting for the mechanics to finish fixing up my car, a rather large middle-aged woman walked in and started chatting with the man behind the counter. She wasn’t the most refined of women – throwing unnecessary curse words into her vocabulary as she carried on about the day’s events.

I was paying more attention to the book I was reading than to whatever it was they were talking about, but at one point in their conversation my ears perked up as she said, “Why should we donate? You know, we’re floundering enough as it is over here. Just look at our economy, we need to help ourselves before we can help anyone else.”

She was talking about Haiti. Continue reading Give Me Your Keys and I’ll Give You Mine

Nicole Frank enjoying the amenities at an Italian home swap.

Nicole Frank enjoying the amenities at an Italian home swap.

Published on on February 4, 2010
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One quick conversation with Nicole Frank could probably convince you to hand over the keys to your house and even the keys to your car, even to a complete stranger. Nicole Frank is not a con artist though; she’s a home swapping expert who knows what her priorities are when it comes to traveling.

Home swapping is exactly what it sounds like: two parties agree to swap homes for however long they decide: a weekend, a month or even a year. No strings attached, no payments due. It’s a “what’s-mine-is-yours” concept for those who believe in the honor system and in true-to-life traveling.

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Countries join together to celebrate benefits of international education

Published in the University of Massachusetts Daily Collegian on November 20, 2009
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Educational institutions from over 100 different countries joined together this week to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.

The University of Massachusetts hosted various events in recognition of International Education Week, which ran from Sunday, Nov. 15 through Friday, Nov. 20. Events included presentations featuring Cambodian dancing, live speakers from Afghanistan, films from Africa and East Asia, as well as multiple workshops and fairs to aid students in their quest to study or work internationally.

“The whole point of this is to say, ‘There is more on this Earth than you can possibly imagine,’” said Assistant Director for Career Planning Caroline Gould during the International Opportunities and Careers Fair on Wednesday. Gould was also a contributor to the production of the fair. Continue reading